Lookin’ back on 2016 (2)

Hi again,

So i bought a new camera in Dec 2015. Not DSLR just a mirrorless camera. I love taking pictures, for fun, though I’m not really good at it. heh.  I regretted not taking MORE pictures when i was in Japan though. S I G H.

I am not good in photography, I don’t even know some of the terms. Yes, I do read them and try to learn but I forgot about it in a minute. Yes, I do sometimes use the manual settings and etc, but it was more ‘gut’ than ‘knowledge’. HAHA. I just love looking back on pictures you know. And reminisce the feelings and memories. True, pictures can’t compare to seeing it in real life yourself (cos no skill and the feels), BUT still MUST take pictures.

I do have photoshop etc and have been using them for school and stuffs for years. I’m hoping to learn and understand it better. If I have the patience for it LOL.

Aite. Here u go.

My parents are more open to taking pictures now. YEAY. Before, they were not keen to layan my photo taking moments. And my dad loves taking random pictures of us when we went out and then posted in family/friends whatsapp gc. HAHAHAHA.

I hope to purchase (if there is one), a portable tripod for my camera.That can be folded or something into my bag. HAHA my tripod haven’t seen the SKY.


Sometimes, you gotta take a leap of faith.

May 2017 (yeah already 2 months in), be a blessed, meaningful and successful year for everyone. 🙂


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Lookin’ back on 2016 (1)

Darling blog,
I’ve neglected you for so long. Well, honestly I’ve never really kick up blogging so… heh… new year new me.
To have a ‘healthier’ mind, I’ll blog. Megamazing no one knows I have a blog \o/

2016 was tough, I was at my lowest point in my entire 24 years of life. But honestly, it’s something that’s waiting to happen. No one to blame but me.  I guess, that’s why they say.. Life’s a learning journey huh (or something like that). 

けどな。。(but), In 2016, I get closer to my friends and family. Well, my friends are basically my 3 girls, though I know my other 6 girls care for me as much as I care for them. Im still the same though, still hard for me to share my feelings with anyone.
And really, I have the most amazing family and friends ever. So I can’t say 2016 is HELLL.

Ok, what’s done is done. The only way to go now is UP UP UPPPP.

Alhamdulillah for the past.
Alhamdulillah for the present.
Alhamdulillah for the future.

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[MV]‘Comfortable’ – One, Simon D, Gray) 

Current fav! 

(Sigh SimonD,y so perfect) 😍

Yeah, im a closeted huuge simondominic fan for so long. Literally NOT A SOUL knows i listen to korean hip hop hahahahaha.

Still salty over the news that Flowsik was eliminated from smtm5.. like whut.. The winner must be either flowsik or beWhy or CJamm, if its not………. tsk. These 3 are just at another level than the rest. 


What a journey at konoha.  I miss my ninja friends from shinobi no sekai. ;~; till we meet again.

So my first mission over there is to learn kuchiyose no jutsu (口寄せの術)-summoning. Phew, very complicated man. Took me a while. 

It was a random choice. Guess.. Who i get? 

 MANDA! I was surprised. It’s like they knewwwww I LOVE SNAKES! 😉

Met with Team Asuma too! After having an intellect discussion ( he thought me some shadow techniques too-see that’s y the pic so dark) with shikamaru and eating (obviously) with cho,  

Visited the Uchiha house. Drown in sorrows from Itachi’s death. Sasuke was away then (as always) but we managed to catched him just in the entrance of konoha.

It looks like he just came back from a mission. Have a good rest! 

Our nanadaime Hokage was there too! So yeah!!

What an honour! So many things we talked about. Really, in the end he even treated us to….


  Ramen!! At Ichiraku Ramen. The famous naruto ramen is of course superb!! Reminiscing the days with iruka sensei and jiraiya (‘:  

Gochisousama deshita!! 

Well, there are others.. *super secretive stuffs :p* Sadly, did not manage to meet Gaara and the rest. since we only visited Konoha. Next time! 

Missing my ninja friends,

nasyirah out xxx 


And so, the last day of holiday which is on the 10th of August was spent with these buncha ppl whom I’ve known for 8 months. Yusra Raya! Alhamdulillah, to many more outings eh..

The Ladies;

The Ladies;

The Gents;

The Gents;

IMG_6345 IMG_6351

We're all in this together. /Sings/

We’re all in this together. /Sings/

Old Trafford-in my house

Well, since I can’t go to Old Trafford. I’ll bring Old Trafford to ME! 

 Randomly browsing books in TIMES bookstore. After buying some books…. Oh! A familiar sight caught my eye. 😍😍😍😍😍 (yes literally) . What a shock. Who would’ve thought they would be selling official merchandise here i mean, soccer of all things? Well, i have no complains. :3 

Bought this at TIMES bookstore!

So went back to the cashier to pay for it. It’s $60!! Worth it LOL

Stated on the box: 2 hours to finish it. OH HOW TRUE!!! 

Sadly, could not finish it before the 1st match of the season starts!! MISSION FAILED 😭 Took us nearly 4hours to complete this (noobs much) .  

But what an experience! I’ve always love puzzles so its not a surprise that I enjoyed doing this. 

You know, During this holiday, I thought of buying and completing a big landscapy puzzle OR painting (you know those paint by number paintingwhere  you can just buy them and  there’re number on the paint which correspomds to the color of the paint HEH). i guess this would do 🙂 💋

It’s not perfect but Here’s my proud baby…..


Intern byebye


What you’re willing to do to get a good picture

Yup. That’s me. 

A thank you post  to the people i’ve met during my 11 weeks of intern . And of course… Pictures! 

It’s been awhile! Jumpshot!



All the best and wish me luck for my upcoming semester. 

Really cannot playplay anymore. Last chance to prove myself. 😢 No more slacking. Time to get serious. 

May Allah give me the guidance that I desperately need. And may he eases mine and all of our affairs. Ameen.