ImageJoke of the day: PINK color.

REDHYPER girls on Friday. singing singing and more singing. 😉
As always, great time with them. An outing + Miao Qiao’s birthday celebration.


Saturday! NTU Talk @ Marina bay sands convention hall.
LOOK at that lights! Beautiful.
Well, Im more or else have decided to apply for NTU.
Same as the course. But scared I wont get accepted.

ottokeh? =/ RED, make my wish come true, juseyo,onegaaaai~


Thinking of cutting my hair. MUST MUST CUT.As much as i love my long hair, I love a short hair more. 😉
Well, im wearing hijab so even if i style it nice nice people wont see it..
BUT I WILL KNOW. makes you more confident, doesn’t it?

Down to these two haircuts.

1) I LOVE THIS. i could totally see myself in this style.
The hair longer in the front than in the back? I LOVE THIS .
but the bangs? I don’t think I suit bangs. Since i have a small round squarish face. but it looks so pretty. ;___; how?

SO RED, what do you think? Which will suit me better?

Seriously serious,


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