#1 Kim Jong Kook Fanmeeting in Singapore

Yes! Finally able to post videos. Alot of catching up to do. .phew
First up.. Kim Jong Kook fanmeet.

It was amaaaazing! He had no need for translators. Able to speak english which we understand. Feel more….connected somehow ^^v
Then he sang Saying i love u with the MV playing behind! and you know what that means right…? Yoon Eun Hye! appeared. heh.
I guess the best part was the fans. The audiences were awesome. Sang together. in any concert…. the part where all of the audiences sang together will always be the most memorable thing for me. Im glad i went and thanks to le cousin for the company! WOOPWOOOP.

The songs :-
1. Today more than yesterday
2. Men are all like that
3. Dont be good to me
4. Saying i love u (MV shown behind)
5. Lovable
6. One man (encore)


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