#2 Ellie goulding concert in Singapore

This was one AMAZING concert. Her voice ❤
There are none,not one of her songs that I do not like.

She said we were perfect fans, balance of calm and crazy. hahhaa not her own words,but u get what i mean….right?
I have said it in my previous post, but i will say this again..

The part i love the most in any concert is when the fans/audiences sang together. It was so… and heart warming.
The people behind us were so unamused. hahaha. We were shouting and clapping and singing along but they….. stared into space. Maybe that's their way of enjoying the concert?

Initially, we were hesitant to stand up and dance n groove to the music (LOLOLOL) but then.. halfway through the concert, BAM heck it laaa. Too bad for the unamused people behind. They can still hear her anyway. heh

AND… SHE LOOKED AT ME, she was just like… 3 steps away from me. This was during fansign and i didnt queue up for it, so bloody long. LUCKY was holding up my phone and click. ❤

Great day great concert! Sad, it went by so fast.
NEXT concert please. ^^v


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