I love Japan. Everyone knows it. Best part: I’ve been to Japan.

Been wanting to make a scrapbook of my trip to Japan (Osaka,Kyoto,Tokyo DUH). ButBut yeah, haven’t done a single thing,plus moneyyyyy issue la .
Maybe once in awhile will randomly post some pictures of my Japan Trip here!

Some videos managed to videod LOL. Sucky quality, even suckier gif. Who cares! It’s mine hahahahahaha

Shibuya crossing-Starbucks Tsutaya View

Shibuya crossing-Starbucks Tsutaya View

I tried ok. I tried my best to take some awesome Time-lapse video of shibuya crossing. but well…..u saw the result 😦 Not too much human traffic on that day *HUMAN WHERE R U?!* Well, there’s always next time! AMEEEEEN

Tokyo tower-night view

Tokyo tower-night view

Hello Tokyo! Tokyo Tower! A must go place…just because….
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Changed the timing of each frame to make this gif and it became like this (‘: Video quality damn good la but not the gif. No gif talent here. Too lazy to optimize at PS.

To conclude,Ownself experience >photo/video.

Last video;

SNOW! in Kyoto~

SNOW! in Kyoto~

My first SNOW! even if it’s just dots here and there. :3
I love the weather there! cool and comfy-with jacket.

To many more travel in the future 🙂


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