alhamdulillah its الجمعة

Havent been wearing my ‘covered nation’ shawl. So tada! Lol. “Neeeeeeeeed” to stock up on more.   

Spent lots of $$ online this week. n i need to pay bill soon. Eeeerkk. Online shopping ban start!!!! Though most of $$ went towards food :3 nafsu makanan ya allah susah. Esp all those nicenicenice stuff n bazaaaaar. 


durian goreng and pisang goreng with cheese choc milk

Pisang goreng > the above pisang

Durian oh durian. Crave. 

Oh on a somber note; 

Uni life havent been good to me. Education wise. 

Insha allah, it’ll be better from now on?Really need all of your dua 😦 to atleast passssss and be able to graduate. Ameeen ya allah. 


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