Salam eidul fitri 

Salam eidul fitri to all muslim in the world:) تقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الأعمال.

كل عام و أنتم بخير.

May our deeds in ramadhan be accepted inshaa allah and may we continue to strive to be a better muslim/muslimah ameen. 

Syawal 1:  

With yayi, yoyot and nenek nia. alhamdulillah still managed to meet them 😉




really love this dress. should’ve bought more kekeke


bersama tante naila ku!


Syawal 2: 

Pastel! Prolly my forst ever raya baju in pastel 😀

Best mama in the wolrld! alhamdulillah. love chuuu ❤


kita menjejaki jurong kali ini! hehe. yoyot eton 😀


P.s my 1st day and 2nd day syawal baju bought at 2 for $150 @ pasar geylang. Hahahahaha tk pena pena. 😀 

Syawal 3: 

@ustz hasbi majlis kessyukuran cum hari raya.

Look who i met!! woaaah! ya allah, da lama sangat tak jumpe 😭


ootd lah ape lagi

The annoyance when u took pictures of ur sibs/family super damn amazing but when they take a picture of you………. Ya allah. Srsly 😭 

Oh well.

Have fun everyone! 

Intern’s ending.

School’s starting.



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