What a journey at konoha.  I miss my ninja friends from shinobi no sekai. ;~; till we meet again.

So my first mission over there is to learn kuchiyose no jutsu (口寄せの術)-summoning. Phew, very complicated man. Took me a while. 

It was a random choice. Guess.. Who i get? 

 MANDA! I was surprised. It’s like they knewwwww I LOVE SNAKES! 😉

Met with Team Asuma too! After having an intellect discussion ( he thought me some shadow techniques too-see that’s y the pic so dark) with shikamaru and eating (obviously) with cho,  

Visited the Uchiha house. Drown in sorrows from Itachi’s death. Sasuke was away then (as always) but we managed to catched him just in the entrance of konoha.

It looks like he just came back from a mission. Have a good rest! 

Our nanadaime Hokage was there too! So yeah!!

What an honour! So many things we talked about. Really, in the end he even treated us to….


  Ramen!! At Ichiraku Ramen. The famous naruto ramen is of course superb!! Reminiscing the days with iruka sensei and jiraiya (‘:  

Gochisousama deshita!! 

Well, there are others.. *super secretive stuffs :p* Sadly, did not manage to meet Gaara and the rest. since we only visited Konoha. Next time! 

Missing my ninja friends,

nasyirah out xxx 


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