Lookin’ back on 2016 (1)

Darling blog,
I’ve neglected you for so long. Well, honestly I’ve never really kick up blogging so… heh… new year new me.
To have a ‘healthier’ mind, I’ll blog. Megamazing no one knows I have a blog \o/

2016 was tough, I was at my lowest point in my entire 24 years of life. But honestly, it’s something that’s waiting to happen. No one to blame but me.  I guess, that’s why they say.. Life’s a learning journey huh (or something like that). 

けどな。。(but), In 2016, I get closer to my friends and family. Well, my friends are basically my 3 girls, though I know my other 6 girls care for me as much as I care for them. Im still the same though, still hard for me to share my feelings with anyone.
And really, I have the most amazing family and friends ever. So I can’t say 2016 is HELLL.

Ok, what’s done is done. The only way to go now is UP UP UPPPP.

Alhamdulillah for the past.
Alhamdulillah for the present.
Alhamdulillah for the future.

Next on nasyirahnonsenseramblings, PHOTOGRAPHSSS


One thought on “Lookin’ back on 2016 (1)

  1. Darlingggg,

    Take it as a good break that you needed. Some people don’t have the chance to take a step back and they’re only doing what they’re doing. They’re not doing because they love doing it.

    Few years down the road, you’ll be really glad to be forced into this road that you never knew you would’ve taken.


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