Lookin’ back on 2016 (2)

Hi again,

So i bought a new camera in Dec 2015. Not DSLR just a mirrorless camera. I love taking pictures, for fun, though I’m not really good at it. heh.  I regretted not taking MORE pictures when i was in Japan though. S I G H.

I am not good in photography, I don’t even know some of the terms. Yes, I do read them and try to learn but I forgot about it in a minute. Yes, I do sometimes use the manual settings and etc, but it was more ‘gut’ than ‘knowledge’. HAHA. I just love looking back on pictures you know. And reminisce the feelings and memories. True, pictures can’t compare to seeing it in real life yourself (cos no skill and the feels), BUT still MUST take pictures.

I do have photoshop etc and have been using them for school and stuffs for years. I’m hoping to learn and understand it better. If I have the patience for it LOL.

Aite. Here u go.

My parents are more open to taking pictures now. YEAY. Before, they were not keen to layan my photo taking moments. And my dad loves taking random pictures of us when we went out and then posted in family/friends whatsapp gc. HAHAHAHA.

I hope to purchase (if there is one), a portable tripod for my camera.That can be folded or something into my bag. HAHA my tripod haven’t seen the SKY.


Sometimes, you gotta take a leap of faith.

May 2017 (yeah already 2 months in), be a blessed, meaningful and successful year for everyone. 🙂


Next on nasyirahnonsenseramblings, (I HAVE NO IDEA)


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